Alex's (AI2Q) PICASTAR build


Alex has built two STAR's now. Initially using homebrew PCB's and later with the vk3pe modular PCB's, based closely on the G3XJP originals.

Alex also has an interest in old cars and sent me some shots of his fine Automobiles.

4th July, 2013 update:

Hi Glenn.

Thought you might be pleased to know my second PIC-a-STAR, using first-generation VK3PE boards, is on the air!

I made my first CW contacts on 17, 20, and 40 meters yesterday, and a FB fone SSB contact on 15 meters today.

My first STAR uses all homebrew circuit boards (completed about five ears ago, and in use daily).

I will take better photos for you later, if you like, after I calm down due to the thrill of a working rig.(great feeling, vk3pe)

Vy 73, AI2Q, Alex


Hi Glenn.

Attached are some low-res photos of my second STAR, using your boards, under construction.

Tks es 73,

Showing the H/B rotary tuning encoder.





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